Title Insurance

Published on Thursday, 6 April 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Title Insurance is a special type of insurance which provides protection to home buyers and existing home owners of residential property. This insurance covers certain unknown or hidden risks such as:

  • Illegal Building Work
  • Survey/Boundary Defects
  • Fraud Forgery & Identity
  • Planning & Title Defects
  • Outstanding Rates and Taxes

We have a client who sold a property about five years ago and the Buyer of this property has now made a claim that one of the sheds on the property is built across a boundary and is partially on crown land.

Had the Seller taken out a Title Insurance Policy at the time that he purchased the property, he would have been covered for all costs involved in changing the boundaries, and if that wasn’t possible, then the policy would have covered the relocation of the building.

Here at Sanford Settlements we do not sell insurance, however we highly recommend all our clients to take out one of these policies at the time of buying their property.

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